The Juan Maclean

Six weeks before it hits the street, The Juan Maclean is road-testing the eagerly awaited The Future Will Come, which despite its title is more than a little retro. The rubbery single — and opener — "The Simple Life" sails along for minutes before the arrival of vocals from LCD Sound­system's Nancy Whang, who brings smarmy charm and pop tangibility. She's the Tom Tom Club to his Kraftwerk, and supplies the gooey refrain "You are so excellent" on earlier single — and closer — "Happy House." (Members of !!! and Holy Ghost help out, too.) Ever since morphing from a dude in little-known Six Finger Satellite to a beloved DFA lynchpin, Maclean has been distilling dance music into its simplest and most earnest form, fixated more on repetition than variation and often sprawling into the sunset before deciding to end a track. None of this is a fault; like 2005's massive Less Than Human, his new work hits all the pleasure points while giving off the sense he's having just as good a time.


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