The Kants, with Groceries and Drillbox Ignition

Droningly melodic yet psychedelically hypnotic indie rockers the Kants can't agree on the pronunciation of their band's name (bassist Lee Walker rhymes it "fonts" as their namesake philosopher did, while deadpan vocalist/savagely expressive guitarist Ted Conway rhymes it with "pants"). But no matter their name, the trio will make you a pretty staunch critic of pure reason. Listening to them is like a time machine that sweeps you back deep into the 1980s underground -- a night at Cabaret Voltaire with the Jesus and Mary Chain or somesuch. The Kants have shattered the time-space continuum for other writers as well. On a recent trip to New York, the year-old band (which replaced original drummer Donna Huanca with Ronnie Barnard four months ago) caught the ear of venerable rock critic Chuck Eddy, who wrote in The Village Voice that they reminded him of "pre-sucking-era-Sonic-Youth-style ambient sludge."

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