The McKenzies

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you love pop, you'll heart the McKenzies too. The local foursome is joining in what seems to be a season of album releases in Houston's indie-rock scene; the group has sandwiched its Valentine's Day EP release between the Wild Moccasins' official debut and the much-anticipated, end-of-the-month return of the Young Mammals. The McKenzies will charm pop fans that have an ear for the likes of Ozma, Cruiserweight, the Pretenders, Get Up Kids and the Pogues. The band borrows from all over the charts for tunes as diverse as the creamy fillings inside a box of chocolates — jumping from straight-up pop punk tunes to soft, female-led rock numbers to country-tinged Irish folk jams (minus the four-leaf-clover accent). If your idea of a romantic evening means trading candlelight for a dimly-lit venue, a box of chocolates for a jewel-cased CD and Barry White for raucous indie-rock, then tell your sweetie to head over to Walter's and get you some. (Single folks, rockin' is always the perfect excuse for not having a date on love day.)


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