The Radiators

New Orleans has always been a bit of a melting pot. From language to food to culture, it's a place where combination and commingling are the rule rather than the exception. This fact is as true of New Orleans's musical history as of anything else, and few bands encapsulate the spirit of the Crescent City like The Radiators. Their blend of Southern-fried funk, blues, jazz and swamp-boogie swiftly earned them a steadfast and spirited audience, making the band a staple on the Louisiana club circuit and cementing the band as a highly anticipated staple of New Orleans's annual Jazz & Heritage Festival, which arguably provides the best setting for the band's sound. It's the kind of music that begs for huge, slightly drunken audiences, dancing in the aisles and singing along to the choruses. That never seems to be a problem for The Radiators — their tight boogie and gritty groove turn every audience into that kind of audience.


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