The Rentals, Copeland, Goldenboy

The Rentals, bassist Matt Sharp's side project during Weezer's rise to fame, are basically everything you love (or hate) about that band and then some. Sharp carries over a lot of Weezer's pop sensibilities, slowing the tempo a bit and adding heaping helpings of Moog and female harmonies. It is, more or less, a relaxed version of Weezer, whom Sharp officially left in 1998. Since then, the Rentals have been his full-time band, but his on-again-off-again relationship with music itself has led to many breakups and reformations. Over the years, the band has seen its share of rotating members, including SNL's Maya Rudolph, indie-rock ­violinist-­vocalist Petra Haden (also Mrs. Jack Black) and even Weezer's Patrick Wilson; this tour, in support of recently released EP The Last Little Life, brings Petra's sister Rachel and original Rental Sarah Radle into the fold. Sharp pulls double duty Sunday, also performing with openers/Rentals descendants Goldenboy, while middle band Copeland seems to have traded their pop-punk ditties of yore for a more mature rock sound.


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