The Rosebuds

Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, the North Carolina-based husband-and-wife duo known as the Rosebuds, deserve fame and fortune for their indie-pop tunes (heard on their recently released Merge LP Night of the Furies), whose mature, reflective romanticism and synth-heavy inventiveness place them at the head of the couplecore pack. But they also should get some attention just so Angelina Jolie doppelganger Crisp won't have to go back to working at Raleigh dive bars, serving bottles of Thai Red Bull to energetic trivia-night geeks who lose their shit when the trivia mistress gets all fascist with the rules and docks their team a point for writing Raven instead of Raven-Symone, when everyone who watches That's So Raven knows that's what Raven calls herself these days. Um, or so I've heard.


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