The Rosebuds

Remember New Order? Well, apparently Raleigh's The Rosebuds is trying to channel them. This happens to be a huge departure from the stereotypical indie-guitar pop-rock The Rosebuds have released over the past few years, so you can't say they aren't trying something new. The problem is, the electro-synth pop sound that was done to near perfection by New Order doesn't seem so fresh in 2007. Night of the Furies tiptoes a fine line, the line that separates cool, chic grooves from non-ironic disco. Case in point is "Get Up and Get Out," a club-thumping tune that orders one to -- yep, you guessed it -- get up and get out, and meet some friends somewhere, basically to do something. (I'm guessing dance.) But all of Night of the Furies isn't just a throwback to Gloria Gaynor. "Silence by the Lakeside" is an almost Luna-ish, martini-lounge guitar song. And on "Hold on to This Coat," Rosebuds vocalist Ivan Howard sounds his best. His voice is deep, and well suited to the thick, heavy bass lines that anchor this tune. Rumor is that they pull this material off very well in a live setting, but for now, I'll limit my DJ requests to material from New Order's Substance, assuming ABBA has already been played.


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