The Secret Handshake

The Secret Handshake is that band that played at the venue two blocks from your house. The one that got to be rock stars for only one Saturday night, then on Monday turned back into frogs waiting for social dissection come Biology class. Releasing three full-length albums, Antarctica, One Full Year and My Name Up in Lights; two EPs, This Is Bigger than You and I and Summer of '98; and a mixtape over a four-year time span, this guy doesn't stop. Essentially a one-man band, Dubuc gets some accompaniment from bassist Chris Davidson and drummer Greg Spagnolo, but other than that, all vocals and instruments are him and his little Mac. Dubuc relies heavily on Auto-tune and other voice-altering software on songs like "Midnight Movie" and "All of You"; when his voice is allowed to come through on "TGIF" and "Saturday," though, it's not that bad. Considering his primary fan base is still going through puberty, his lyrics won't make you contemplate the meaning of life. Nothing philosophical here, but it is music that'll be there for you when what's-his-face kisses the school slut at your best friend's party and suddenly the world is ending.


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