The Secrets of Houston Radio Station Call Letters, Revealed

Did you know that most of the call letters for Houston’s radio stations are acronyms for hidden meanings? I knew a few were, but I sure didn’t know all of them. Luckily, Wikipedia does and here’s a sampling of the better ones, along with a couple of the worst. – John Nova Lomax

KTRH= Kome to The Rice Hotel (the station’s original HQ) and Keep Tuned Right Here

KCOH = K + Call Of Houston

KBME = K + Best Music Ever (Pre-Sports Animal, it was a golden oldies station)

KKRW = The ARroW (DuMb.)

KTBZ = The BuZz (LaMe.)

KPRC = Kotton Port Rail Center

KLOL = LOL looks like 101

KSEV = SEVen, as in 700

KWWJ = Keep Walking With Jesus


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