The Slurpees

The Slurpees's new CD, Flavors of Everyday Life, is a mixed blessing. While it features some of the best punk-rock-funk-ska instrumentals to come out of Houston recently, it's also marred by some of the cruddiest vocals since Bill Murray last ambled through a lounge, mike in hand. The only song that shows some wit or originality in the songwriting is "Telemundo." ("And futbol in America doesn't do it for me / I like it when the crowds are a bit more rowdy.") The rest of the album is basically beat noise with a few words thrown in for effect, which is okay, except it leaves an effect of sameness once the album ends. Still this band has a pretty tasty franchise going. For pure sound, the track to listen to is "I, Evil Knievel," which is full of guitar and bass work sure to get your adrenaline flowing. All they need is some better writing to go with that beat.


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