The Suspects, the Aqua Velva

It looks like local heroes The Suspects did stop worrying and learn to love the ska again. Almost a year after the band's successful reunion show, their first time onstage together since going their separate ways in 2002, they're ready to give it another go, with rumors swirling this might become an annual affair. So fans who missed out — or were one year too young for the 21-and-up Continental — can stop kicking themselves and get ready to sing and dance along to upbeat favorites like "Caffeine" and "Chutney Song." Die-hard fans who did see last year's show still have a reason to return: the return of original drummer Claudio DePujadas. Last year, he couldn't make it down from his new home in Philadelphia, and although David Beebe did a fine job filling in, DePujadas's presence was perhaps the only thing that could have made the show better. Join the guys for one last hurrah...until next year (we hope). B-52s copycats The Aqua Velva — with Beebe's brother Mark as Fred Schnei­der and Houston Roller Derby star Savage Rose as Kate Pierson — open the show.


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