The Wailers

While in some sense it is a shame that Bob Marley's band has splintered into rival touring acts the Wailers and the Original Wailers, it does nothing to diminish the talent or accomplishments of the musicians involved. Marley collaborator, arranger and bassist Aston "Familyman" Barrett leads the Wailers into Houston in the midst of a long U.S. tour leading up to the release of the band's first album of original material in a long while later this year. Barrett and his assemblage continue to carry Marley's reggae flag despite legal wrangling that has seen lawsuits filed and has led to some rancor between the Marley family and various Original Wailers. (Got all that?) Barrett's band has just completed a tour where they played Marley's Exodus in its entirety, so listen for plenty of that landmark album as well as other Marley classics.


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