The Warlocks, with the Gris Gris and Architects

Never let it be said that the spirit of the '60s died from a lack of nostalgia. California bands like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Warlocks have been trying for years to revive the fun-loving, drug-munching decade that birthed the psychedelic movement. On their latest album, Surgery, the L.A.-based Warlocks forgo a lot of the low-key drones that marked their previous efforts and instead embark on a poppier, more accessible journey (a trip to the mainstream, if you will). This isn't to say the band's dark and seductive music is going to play alongside Britney Spears or appear on the next Now That's What I Call Music! collection, but the band's cleaner sound should certainly help it reach the ears of less musically adventurous citizens.


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