Them’s Fighting Words, Broseph!

The best way for a music news outlet to start fiery online confrontations and bring down [sic]-laden tirades against anyone who disagrees? Publish a list of the best all-time “Insert Anything” in music. It’s a foolproof way to make people hate you and make a fourteen-year old rethink all that MTV has taught him. When Rolling Stone did a “greatest guitarist” list a few years back, you would have thought Wenner and Co. had run a picture of Hitler on the cover, under the caption, “I was Right.” Jack White was listed ahead of U2’s the Edge and Pete Townshend. Anarchy broke out.

Online music community Shoutmouth recently wrote up what it though as the 25 greatest punk bands of all time. Anytime you attempt to box in the best of punk, it becomes a pissing contest of mythical proportions. Dead-eyed hipsters come out to declare that Elvis Presley was the original punk rocker. Grizzled scene-vets trot out their own list of bands that played one show and released one seven-inch in 1987 and declare them better than The Clash. Or you get kids that are out of their element and try to rep things like the Offspring, and you get a cyberspace boot-party.

In the spirit of antagonism, why don’t you guys check out the list here and chime in. But remember, even if you win an argument online, you are still the same retarded bastard you were before. Just saying…..

Here’s my addition to the list….. – Craig Hlavaty


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