Theo Parrish

Parrish's exercise in repetition is more admirable than enjoyable.

Theo Parrish has so much street cred as a house DJ/producer, there should be turntable mats sold at specialty music stores with his face on them. A native of Chicago, America's house capital, and now a resident of Detroit, America's techno capital, the man has probably heard just about everything that's ever come out of the wacky world of underground dance music.

That may explain why this release finds him going for something more than just another exercise in getting a bunch of house-heads to dance in place. On Parallel Dimensions, Parrish sounds like he's hashing out some kind of conceptual art piece on musical repetition, and it's a difficult slog that even the most die-hard dance fans may have a hard time getting down to. Repetitive beats are nothing new in the dance game, but here Parrish cobbles together whole collages of them -- each track is a blank slate on which he etches loop after loop after loop. The result is more admirable than entertaining, although there are some tracks on the album's second half where you can actually get a groove going.

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