Things to Do This Weekend If You're (Almost) Broke

Things to Do This Weekend If You're (Almost) Broke

Generationals, Floating Action. 5:30 p.m., Cactus Music. Free. Molly & the Ringwalds celebrate six years of "Time After Time" and "Livin' on a Prayer" at the Continental Club. 6 p.m., free. The Brilliance of Suffering, Vehement, Sinister Minister, A Cyanide Suicide, Based on Death, My Ending Farewell, 7 p.m., Meridian. $10. Fulton Read, Charles P. & The 10 Percent, The Fox Derby, B L A C K I E, 8 p.m., Warehouse Live. $10. Krum Bums [CD release], Molotov Compromise, Roots of Exile, The Framed, 8 p.m., Walter's on Washington. $8. Free Mission Control: Live hip-hop night hosted by Mic Skills, 10 p.m., the Mink. Free. Rumor Alert: The Pallbearers with the Coke Bust/Sick Fix show at the relocated Rat's Nest. $5. White Rhino, Whorehound, Trian Woodburns. 10 p.m., Rudyard's. Saturday Constant Billy, Cactus Music, 1 p.m. Free. Pachinko Saturdays with Douglas Kent, 2 p.m., Continental Club backyard. Free. T-Bird & The Breaks, Cactus Music, 3 p.m. Free. Sleng Teng Saturdaze, 10 p.m., the Mink. Sunday They, Who Sound, featuring Michelle Yom (flute), Doug Falk (trumpet/bass), Ryan Edwards (guitar/voice) and Thomas Helton (bass). 5:30 p.m., Avant Garden, $5. A Love like Pi, Asteria, Theatre Breaks Loose, Gabriel the Marine. 6 p.m., Super Happy Fun Land. Hip-hop/reggae DJ night: Totally Wired, Dean Dirg, Autistic Youth, No Talk. 9 p.m, The Mink.

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