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Think Buckcherry Has Mellowed? Crazy Bitch...

Drinking, drugging and crazy bitches sounds like more fun than the law would allow, but playing in a red-hot rock band is not always an all-you-can-eat orgy.

"I think people realize there's a lot more to this band than just fucking and partying," says guitarist Keith Nelson.

That revelation, surrendered by a man whose hits include the cocaine anthem "Lit Up" and the self-explanatory "Too Drunk," is due in no small part to Buckcherry's ubiquitous 2007 power apology "Sorry."



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Crowding the world's bird population for space on the airwaves, "Sorry" could be heard tick-tocking in grocery stores, amusement parks and shopping malls. The song, along with lap-dance anthem "Crazy Bitch" and rump-bump boogie "Next 2 You," turned Buckcherry's 2006 comeback album 15 into a million-selling smash.

"The success of 15 was really shocking," says Nelson, who, along with jumping-jack singer Josh Todd, brought the L.A. hard-rockers back from the dustbin with newcomers Stevie D. on guitar, Jimmy Ashhurst on bass and Xavier Muriel on drums.

"Beyond the sale of 30,000 records, you always think, 'Wow, I can't believe this is happening.'" Nelson says. "When we were putting that record together, we never thought it would go where it went. The success of that record has given us a lot of confidence in what we do."

While "Sorry" is certainly not Buckcherry's first ballad (see "For the Movies" from its 1999 self-titled debut, or "You" and hidden track "Open My Eyes" from underrated 2001 LP Time Bomb), it is, perhaps, indicative of a songwriting maturity that now lends equal time to influences such as Prince and Elton John as well as AC/DC and Guns N' Roses.

On new album Black Butterfly, Buckcherry strikes its most even balance to date with bangers like "Rescue Me," "Fallout" and "Imminent Bail Out" alongside the prom-rocker "Dreams," pleading "Don't Go Away" and summertime sway of "Cream."

Sensitivity notwithstanding, Buck­cherry's inner Beavis is always ready to party, as evidenced by lead single "Too Drunk...," which obviously begs curious comparisons to the Dead Kennedys' 1981 rant about falling down the stairs and being unable to, heh heh, perform. So has DK singer Jello Biafra threatened to pop the 'Cherry?

"No, we haven't heard from him," laughs Nelson. "It's funny, because that song kind of evolved in a number of ways. I think they're obviously two very different songs, and if anything, ours is a tip of the hat to [the] pioneers of punk rock."


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