This Guy Really Wanted A Cheeseburger - Luckily, Paul Wall Caught It On Camera

Dudes brawling in Whataburger, at least one minus underwear: Just like you like it.
Dudes brawling in Whataburger, at least one minus underwear: Just like you like it.

No doubt headlining your own SXSW showcase is hungry work, so after he and Chamillionaire closed out the "Best In Texas" night at a sold-out La Zona Rosa March 17, Paul Wall did what a lot of dyed-in-the-wool Texans would do and headed to the nearest Whataburger for some late-night grub. Luckily, he brought his iPhone or some other type of video-recording device with him.

While Wall was waiting for his order, the above gentleman in the green shorts (and, as you'll see, no underwear) became dissatisfied with the Whataburger staff's speed in filling his order. Some other patrons at the restaurant, meanwhile, became dissatisfied with the manner in which the customer - who, we're guessing from the shorts and the beads, may have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day just a little too much - expressed his displeasure.

Here are a few highlights from the video, which you can link to after the jump. It was originally posted by TMZ via WorldStarHipHop Saturday morning...

0:14: Wall, not even trying to keep a straight face - "Only in Texas, man. Only in Texas."

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0:42: "I asked for a f*cking cheeseburger!"

1:53: "I will beat you all over those french fries."

2:13: Fight! Fight! (Including exposed butt-crack.)

3:06: Whataburger employee - "Number 34!"

OK. Enjoy...

Wall and Chamillionaire play House of Blues April 23.

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