This Just In: Cave Singers Cancel

This Just In: Cave Singers Cancel

After Cat Power's doctor-ordered cancellation of her Warehouse Live show (now scheduled to be made up in October), Houston's run of bad luck with indie-folk performers continues. According to Ryan Chavez of Houston promoters Super Unison, Seattle-based the Cave Singers have canceled tonight's show at Walter's on Washington.

"[The] drummer has a bug and is sick in New Orleans," Chavez posted on Hands Up Houston this afternoon. "I think [openers] Dark Meat and Quiet Hooves would still play but waiting to hear from them. Probably for like 5 bucks and some drink specials. Any bands up for opening for two touring bands tonight?" Interested parties can contact Chavez at

Assigning the Singers' 2007 Matador debut Invitation Songs a 6.8 rating, Pitchfork said, "the Cave Singers' earth-bound aesthetic is perhaps just a temporary state, a prelude to something bigger that they're either too timid to explore just yet, or simply too cash-strapped to indulge." - Chris Gray

UPDATE: Chavez says Dark Meat and Quiet Hooves will play as scheduled for a reduced cover charge of $8. Showtime is 9:30 p.m.

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