This Just In: The National at Rice University Tomorrow

This Just In: The National at Rice University Tomorrow

Rocks Off has learned, via the Hands Up Houston message board, that folk-tinged Brooklyn-via-Cincinnati rockers the National, who knocked Indie Nation's collective socks off last year on the breathtaking Boxer ("Fake Empire," "Start a War," "Ada," etc.), is the featured entertainment at tomorrow's All-Rice Picnic, the kickoff to Rice University's Centennial Campaign fundraising drive. The band is scheduled to play at noon on the West Quad near Jamail Plaza.

There is one catch: the event is only open to Rice students, faculty and alumni. But hey, it is outdoors - just throw on a Rice sweatshirt, head down there and see what happens. If you pledge to donate some money, they might be kinda lenient. The National also plays Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin's Waterloo Park Saturday. - Chris Gray

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