This Week in Beyonce: Bjork, BET Awards, "I Saw Beyonce at Burger King" and A Two-Year Break?

TWIB may be folding up shop soon:  B says she's considering taking a two-year break. Gay New York rapper Cazwell, self-described as "imagine if Biggie Smalls ate Donna Summer for breakfast, has a song called "I Seen Beyonce at Burger King" (see video above) on next month's album Watch My Mouth . Catchy and annoying! Even Bjork can't resist that darn "Single Ladies" dance, apparently. B pulled the modern-day Marie Antoinette move of  converting one of her smaller apartments into a giant closet . Quoth Perez Hilton: "Now


is a diva!"

In campier circles, Beyonce's recent hit movie  Obsessed   is already being touted as the new Showgirls .

Beyonce scored five nominations, including two for Video of the Year and Female R&B Artist of the Year,  for next month's BET Awards . Former Destiny's Child partner Kelly Rowland told an MTV Lithuania reporter who asked her "Do you know Beyonce personally?" (seriously)  he better get to steppin '. 

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