This Week In Set Lists: Pixies, Kings Of Leon, Tom Petty, Rush, Etc.

Rocks Off has been both eagerly anticipating and dreading this week for months now. Anticipating because several of our all-time favorite bands are playing within the span of a few days, as are a couple of our favorite newer bands (though neither is especially new anymore) and one that we started out liking before ignoring them for several years and then, after finally coming around to the album that made them the newest American band to break into the arena/amphitheater atmosphere, begrudgingly sort of like again. (Guess which one that is.)

Dreading, though, because we also enjoy much more mundane activites such as eating, sleeping, reading, feeding our cat and, well, not doing anything at all. Rocks Off doesn't think we're going to get to do much of that this week. Boo hoo, we know.

Rocks Off is not going to every show this week - we couldn't even if we wanted to. But between us, Rocks Off Jr. and a couple of fearless freelancers, all the following shows will be covered right here between now and next Monday. Since we were curious ourselves, we looked up each one on concert wiki to see what we were in for. We thought we'd share it with our readers in case you're on the fence about participating in any of what we've come to call "Hell Week."

Bear in mind set lists are subject to change, but probably won't, at least not much. Of these, only Drive-By Truckers and Anthrax are not from the same tour that brings these artists to Houston. See you at the merch booth.

PIXIES Brady Theater, Tulsa, Okla., September 18

This Week In Set Lists: Pixies, Kings Of Leon, Tom Petty, Rush, Etc.

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Intro Film (Un chien andalou) Dancing the Manta Ray Weird At My School Bailey's Walk Manta Ray Debaser Tame Wave of Mutilation I Bleed Here Comes Your Man Dead Monkey Gone To Heaven Mr. Grieves Crackity Jones La La Love You No. 13 Baby There Goes My Gun Hey Silver Gouge Away


Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) Into the White


Caribou Vamos U-Mass Where Is My Mind? Gigantic

SMASHING PUMPKINS The Venue, Salt Lake City, Utah, September 17

Astral Planes Ava Adore Drown As Rome Burns A Song for a Son Today Eye Bullet With Butterfly Wings United States Spangled Tom Tom Stand Inside Your Love Tarantula Tonight, Tonight Cherub Rock


Freak Gossamer

KINGS OF LEON 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, Tampa, Fla., September 18

This Week In Set Lists: Pixies, Kings Of Leon, Tom Petty, Rush, Etc.

Crawl Molly's Chambers My Party Mary Fans Revelry Closer Pyro Four Kicks The Bucket Notion Radioactive Sex on Fire On Call Back Down South Trani


Knocked Up Manhattan Use Somebody Black Thumbnail

THE BLACK KEYS 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre, Tampa, Fla., September 18

I'll Be Your Man Strange Times Everlasting Light Next Girl Chop and Change Howlin' For You Tighten Up She's Long Gone Ten Cent Pistol Your Touch I Got Mine

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