This Week's MuxTape

Sadly, I had to delete my African diaspora Muxtape, as the site only allows you to have 12 songs up with any one account.

This week's version takes a more local focus -- 12 of my favorite contemporary rock songs from Houston. (All are from this decade.)

Is your band on there? Or your friend's band? Or your worst enemy's?

Find out after the jump.

Track listing, for those of you too lazy to click the link:

1. "Persistent Intermission," Spain Colored Orange 2. "My Best Routines," Arthur Yoria 3. "Ohio," Jug O'Lightnin' 4. "The Anti-Chorus," Westbury Squares 5. "The Boating Party," Scattered Pages 6. "God Only Knows," Tody Castillo 7. "Right On!," Bright Men of Learning 8. "Young Attraction," Panic in Detroit 9. "Take It on the Teeth," Fatal Flying Guilloteens 10. "Cole Porter," Linus Pauling Quartet 11. "Serious," Michael Haaga 12. "Eventually No Tsu Oh," Infernal Bridegroom Productions

-- John Nova Lomax


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