The title track to Throwdown's 2005 CD, Vendetta, says, "This is war / This is pure hostility / This is a vendetta." Since Throwdown lists pirates, rattlesnakes and Vikings as their influences, along with Pantera and Slayer, it seems these guys have a bit of a rage issue. And don't expect Ben Dussault (drums), Dom Macaluso (bass), Matt Mentley (guitars) and Dave Peters (vocals) to do anything on stage to dispel that idea. Throwdown is about spitting venom and acrimony as often and as loudly as possible. But the band isn't angry at the audience -- their loathing is aimed directly at the wannabes who pull heavy metal music into something less ear-splitting and soul-tearing than what Throwdown puts out. This stop is part of the 32-date Pure Hostility Tour. Consider yourself warned.


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