Tiger Moms: Seven Songs To Help Tame Those Cubs

Amy Chua's controversial book/parenting guide, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, has moms everywhere wondering how to tame their young ones.

But you don't need a copy of the book to learn how to breed strong, smart, successful cubs, because Rocks Off has found the musical translations of Chua's teachings.

Take a listen.

The Stereo, "Turn Off the TV":

One of the things Chua credits for the academic success of her daughters in Tiger Mother is the "no TV" rule. She'll definitely approve of this pop-punk ditty about the perils of the idiot box. Turn off the TV. That's four hours of violin practice!

Tiger Moms: Seven Songs To Help Tame Those Cubs

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Dead Prez, "Discipline":

The hook to this dead prez jawn is guaranteed to make any tiger mom faint in joy: "Discipline makes things easier/ Organize your life."

Tiger Moms: Seven Songs To Help Tame Those Cubs

Tom Lehrer, "Fight Fiercely, Harvard!":

Lehrer's satirical painting of Harvard athletes resonates strongly with Chua's message of competitive spirit: "Oh, hail to the spirit of the Asiatic tiger. Impress mommy with your prowess, oh do."

Pitchshifter, "Underachiever":

"Tell me I'm faultless, Teflon child/ Tell me there's nothing wrong, stay-press smile"

If your cub starts begging for compliments, like the loser in this Pitchshifter song, here's a standard tiger mom response you can use over and over: "No, you pathetic underachiever. I didn't work this hard so you can come home with an A-." A tiger mom only says these things because she believes in her cub's unbridled emotional strength.

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