Tim Easton

A virtual unknown in these parts, Tim Easton is a giant talent on the roots/folk-rock scene. His shows and records continually make critics drool, but Easton doesn't come through these parts often enough to have built a solid following the way he has in the Midwest and on the West Coast. Part of the New West Records roster for some years, Easton also paints, which is the reason he is in town for a show; his exhibition "This Machine Kills Apathy" begins Saturday at the Record Ranch inside Cactus Music. The cover of Easton's April 2008 release Porcupine is the centerpiece of the exhibition, described as folk-art album covers. Later, Easton will plug in his guitar for a late show and wail away on great Porcupine tunes like the rockin' "Burgundy Red" and hilarious "Jesus Save Me from Your Followers."


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