Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren's unique solo career almost gets forgotten next to his lengthy production résumé, which includes influential artists such as Badfinger, New York Dolls, XTC, Meat Loaf and Bad Religion. Beginning with garage-rockers the Nazz in the late '60s, the Pennsylvania-born Rundgren went solo with 1970's Runt, with the help of Sales brothers Tony and Hunt. Double LP Something/Anything? (1972) put Rundgren on the rock map in earnest with the singles "I Saw the Light" and "Hello It's Me." Post-Something, Rundgren took a left turn into electronic music, all while producing other bands along the way, including the Dolls' self-titled debut. His solo career took a mainstream stance by the late '70s, showcasing his innate talent for creating pop-rock ear candy, while also challenging more adventurous listeners. You can blame or praise him for the commercial mainstay "Bang the Drum All Day," too. By the '90s, he was recording under the name TR-i and dipping into the interactive-music waters. Today, though, he tours under his real name and just last year released two covers albums, one featuring all Robert Johnson cuts and another of Rundgren performing songs he helped produce for other artists over his production career.


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