Tonight: At the Gates at Warehouse Live

Tonight: At the Gates at Warehouse Live

Think of Swedish music, and it's usually ridonkulously catchy pop artists like ABBA, Roxette and Robyn that come to mind, not bonecrushing death metal, right? Yes, but... turns out in Europe's land of the midnight sun, death metal is no longer the sole province of Norwegians. It hasn't been since 1990, when At the Gates formed in Gothenborg, which is also the largest seaport in Scandinavia. Before splitting in 1995, At the Gates recorded the albums The Red in the Sky is Ours, With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness (awesome), Terminal Spirit Disease and Slaughter of the Soul. The band reformed earlier this year and hits Warehouse Live tonight at 8 p.m. with the excellently named Darkest Hour, Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust. Tickets available at Bring your mom! - Chris Gray

"Blinded By Fear":

"Terminal Spirit Disease":

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