Tonight: Loverboy at RodeoHouston's Championship BBQ Contest

Freakin' Loverboy?! You mean not only can we eat our weight in brisket and drink whiskey like a bender-bound Hank Williams Jr. circa 1973, but we can also rock our sauce-soaked asses to "Working For The Weekend"? The Canadian '80s rock juggernauts hit town tonight, kicking out the jams at the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest, which is being held this week before the official rodeo kicks off.

Strange bookings like this make life coalesce into a majestic ball of awesome in red leather jeans. So get out your headbands, tease out that perm and shake it, all you "Hot Girls In Love"! It's our official stance that any band approved by Carl Brutananadilewski is fine by us. 

9:15 p.m. tonight, The Garden at Reliant Park, Fannin and 610. See for details.


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