"Tonight We Unite Tour"

We aren't quite sure why they are uniting because it's all punk to us, but this bill is a one-stop gutter- and trad-punk must for anyone in the Houston area still rocking liberty spikes or a pompadour. The Casualties, a long-running New York City quartet, have been creating crusty-punks out of suburban kids since 1997's For the Punx, and Austin's own Lower Class Brats have been doing the same in our state capital since the second Clinton administration. Melding the skronk of the Cramps with the grim stylings of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Denmark's Nekromantix have been swaying suggestible American kids into the dark and decadent waters of psychobilly since 2002 debut Night of the Loving Dead (Hellcat Records). As for the Dave Smalley-led Down By Law, they should be releasing their first album in nine years this coming fall.


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