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Tony Yayo Talks Sex, Patron And The Future Of G-Unit

G-Unit soldiers Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo have signed on to headline Saturday's 4th Annual Hip-Hop For HIV Awareness concert at Reliant Center. Tickets are free, but only with an HIV test at one of the City of Houston Department of Health & Human Services' designated testing locations. A list is available online at

On the eve of the concert, Rocks Off caught up with Yayo to discuss hip-hop's role in promoting promiscuity, talking the birds and the bees with curious kids and G-Unit's shaky label situation.

Rocks Off: When we heard about your involvement in the Hip-Hop For HIV Awareness concert, our initial reaction was, "What the hell is G-Unit doing at an HIV awareness concert?" It's quite an odd couple.

Tony Yayo: You know, we do a lot of charity work. AIDS is an epidemic in our hood. You got a lot of young people that are influenced by hip-hop, period. I'll never forget where I'm from, you know. I'm from South Side Jamaica, Queens, and AIDS touched some people that we know.

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