Top 10 Bands You Should Spam SNL to See

Can it get worse than this? If the Internet has its way, yes.
Can it get worse than this? If the Internet has its way, yes.

Last week, Saturday Night Live announced on the show's blog that it would be taking suggestions for future musical guests. Interactivity is always a good thing, but SNL may be showing its age with this idea. Old media has been trying to use the Internet to choose things for at least as long as the Internet has existed, and can anyone out there name one single time it's worked out right?

Let me put it to you this way. Remember when Hungary asked the Internet after whom to name a new bridge? If they had agreed to honor the results of their online poll, there would be a bridge in Budapest named "Stephen Colbert Bridge". Or how about when Justin Bieber asked his fans to vote online for what country his next tour should be in? Yeah...

So that being said, SNL is going to learn a sour lesson either way by doing this when they find that Rebecca Black has been overwhelmingly chosen to be the next guest host and musical guest. But as long as they're running it, let's get in on this action as well, right?

We here at Rocks Off don't endorse overwhelming them with scripts forcing the vote toward any one candidate, but here's ten artists all our Rocks Off readers should consider using their one vote on.

10. Burzum

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Burzum, like many black metal bands, has never performed live, and don't want to. But could they turn down an international debut on Saturday Night Live? They might have to perform via satellite, so as not to violate the terms of Varg's parole, but it would be something to see.

9. Blue Öyster Cult

Blue Öyster Cult may be long, long past their prime, but what band has had a bigger impact on SNL history than BOC (excepting, perhaps, Haddaway)? It's 2012 and SNL still needs more cowbell.

8. The Coathangers

These riot grrrls put on one hell of a live show and it would be interesting to see some real female punks on SNL for once, rather than , you know, Avril.

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