Top 10 Celebrity Music-Video Cameos

Top 10 Celebrity Music-Video Cameos

Ratt, "Round and Round"

Thursday night, Ratt hits up Warehouse Live with what passes for their original line-up. At their peak, the band was a gritty and decadent alternative to bands like Poison, skewing closer to Motley Crue in terms of excess and drug abuse.

The band managed to get Milton Berle to make not one, but two appearances in their clip for "Round and Round," the first single off 1984's stellar Out of The Cellar. Seriously the whole thing is amazing, and we aren't even being facetious. Uncle Milty even pulled out the drag get-up for the video, which was probably no easy feat for the aging comedian. Berle's nephew Marshall was managing the hair-metal band at the time, making the connection as simple as making a phone call.

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First off, you won't find any Michael Jackson clips in this countdown. MJ had enough money in his heyday to hire anyone he wanted for his music videos. He could have had Ronald Reagan running lights if he wanted to on Thriller but the president was busy throwing people on the street to make his call time. Everyone MJ knew was famous, rendering him inert to this list.

We also omitted the requisite Aerosmith Get A Grip-era clips with Liv Tyler and our seventh-grade girlfriend Alicia Silverstone. Believe us, you will be seeing them plenty in the next few weeks before the Aero gig at the Woodlands.

And yes, we know that Courtney Cox-Arquette was in "Dancing In The Dark."

Top 10 Celebrity Music-Video Cameos

1. AC/DC, "Big Gun" (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

This is a song from the Last Action Hero soundtrack, which is arguably the greatest movie to ever be struck onto celluloid. Check out Arnold rocking out with Angus Young in his own school boy uniform and the quick shot of Tina Turner at the beginning as the mayor of Los Angeles.

Top 10 Celebrity Music-Video Cameos

2. Paul Simon, "You Can Call Me Al" (Chevy Chase)

By now everyone should know that Chevy Chase was in an early incarnation of Steely Dan with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen.

Top 10 Celebrity Music-Video Cameos

3. Justin Timberlake, "What Goes Around" (Scarlett Johanssen)

Craig's Hlist doesn't know about you guys, but if ScarJo talked us like she does to Justin Timberlake in the first minute of this video, she could get us to do whatever she wanted. Burn down our grandmother's house, rob a bank, pretty much anything.

Top 10 Celebrity Music-Video Cameos

4. Fiona Apple, "Not About Love" (Zach Galifinakis)

Galifinakis gives hope to the bearded and big-bellied everywhere that eventually we will date a waifish singer-songwriter. He's like our Rosa Parks.


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