Top 10 Local Covers Of Famous Songs

Dead Horse
Dead Horse

A good cover song must reach a perfect balance between innovation and preserving the original's appeal. There have been some really great covers from Houston's music scene, and we wanted to pay tribute to them.

10: Kerry Beyer, "Mad World": Local filmmaking genius Kerry Beyer has been making a big name for himself as a musician. His version of "Mad World" manages to meld the energy of the Tears for Fears original, the pathos of Gary Jules' famous rendition, and his own powerful interpretation.

The video isn't bad either, though if we ever do a sequel to the Top 10 laziest music videos ever done it is going right to No. 1.

9. Skeleton Dick, "There is a Light That Never Goes Out": Personally, we always thought that the lyrics to "There Is a Light" sounded more like a punk song than a Smiths song anyway. It's nice to have one of Houston's best punk bands prove us right.

8. Provision, "Vanishing Point": We're much more into seeing Provision live, because we think Breye 7x's passion and energy come through much more on the stage than in recordings. We'd kill for a live DVD. Still, you can't go wrong with a New Order track.

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7. Silenced Within, "Falling Away From Me": Sue us, we're secret Korn fans. They know how to write a good, creepy melody, all right? Sorry for the less than stellar quality of the video, but we hope getting to watch Sloan strut around will more than make up for it.

6. Dead Horse, "Rock Lobster": Heading old school for the moment. Is any band in Houston really better than Dead Horse was?

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