Top 10 Musical Wikileaks We'd Like To See

Bigger than Bowie and Bing, we tell you.
Bigger than Bowie and Bing, we tell you.

Ever since WikiLeaks began the publication of what is claimed to be over a quarter-million United States embassy cables last week, we've been pondering what secrets, phenomenon and other ephemera could be lingering out there in the music world, awaiting discovery.

Here's Rocks Off's wish list, but we'll wait patiently for this whole "Cablegate" thing to blow over before demanding some answers.

10. Elvis and Tupac's Collaborative Album: This has got to be the granddaddy of all music conspiracies, right? That neither Elvis nor Tupac are really deceased, they're just hanging out in some secret location, incognito?

If it's true, there's got to be an album somewhere. You cannot possibly expect us to believe that the two of them haven't start making some noise together after all this time. In fact, we heard that they ate the missing piece of JFK's brain as a source of inspiration.

9. The $mith$

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The Smiths' longstanding silence is well-publicized. Every time the wind catches rumor of them being simply broached with the possibility of reuniting for just a night, out come the vows and pledges of adoring fans who would gladly drop some money in the hat.

We've heard figures in the millions promised from single sources - but we'd love to see what the cumulative dollar amount over time - although that still probably wouldn't be enough pounds for them to bury the hatchet for a few hours. Hell, Morissey and Johnny Marr probably wouldn't even piss in the same urinal for an obscene amount of money.

8. Juggalo Philosophy
Top 10 Musical Wikileaks We'd Like To See

Much has been made of Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles music video," which a sweeping litany of blogs and other important news sources took plenty of time to mock it over the past eight months. But perhaps more intriguing to us is the mystery of what a Juggalo does not consider magical.

7. Most of Jay-Z's 99 Problems

Sure, a bitch ain't one. But just what are Jay-Z's problems? He mentions a few cops, harassment, rap-magazine drama, Afro American stereotyping - in the verses of his iconic song. But what else is on Jay-Z's problems list? Beyoncé using up all of his toilet paper?

6. Glenn Danzig's Cat(s)
Top 10 Musical Wikileaks We'd Like To See

Everyone's seen the now-infamous photo of Evil Elvis purchasing kitty litter. But what Rocks Off really wants to know is how many cats he's got.

What are their names? How did he come by them? Does he feed them pieces of people who request Misfits and Samhain songs at his shows? In fact, we'd pay good money to see a legitimate photo of Danzig with his feline[s].

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