Toxic Holocaust, The Casualties

When some people think of contemporary Portland, Oregon, the first thing that comes to mind is IFC comedy series Portlandia, full of dearly indie-rock characters in shawls and eyeglasses, doing macramé at a vegan coffee shop. When we think of Portland, we think of Relapse Records' raw-sewage-expelling Toxic Holocaust, now entering their 13th year of existence. Marrying the sweet sludge of Venom with the gallop of Discharge, the band has somehow become a thrash-party soundtrack for Sunday barbecues, beers on the patio with their latest album Conjure and Command. Or maybe that's just us. This tour, the band is joined by The Casualties, that long-running liberty-spiked New York City quartet, who have been creating crusty-punks out of suburban kids since 1997's For the Punx. Don't worry, you probably won't be the only one wearing a bullet-belt at this show.


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