Tret Fure

Tret Fure pioneered women's music.

Tret Fure is a one-of-a-kind force of nature. While she once had a major label deal and was putting out records with the likes of Little Feat's Lowell George and early admirer Spencer Davis, in the early '70s she divined her true calling in the nascent movement that would become known as women's music. Along with her longtime companion Cris Williamson, a handful of other women and the Olivia record label, Fure forged a new genre that delved into all kinds of issues and sensibilities, not least of which is same-sex relationships. While songs like these are taken in stride these days, back in the day when Fure and Williamson were making records and touring, this was groundbreaking stuff. Fure has released a dozen CDs and traveled millions of miles plying her art and her philosophy. This is a rare opportunity to see a true real-life musical pioneer in an intimate setting.

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