Tricky, with Natalie Stewart

Yeah, you can spend St. Paddy's Day drunk off your ass, sipping dishwashing-liquid-green libations while punching people in the shoulder for not wearing green. Or you can take the alternative route and attend the most un-St. Patrick's Day event that'll be happening in this town — the Tricky/Natalie Stewart show at Warehouse Live. It's pleasing to know Tricky is getting back on the road, hipping folks to his latest album, Knowle West Boy. The moody, trip-hop scene wouldn't be the same without its darkest prince. He'll be joined by Stewart, formerly the spoken-word-spitting half of the UK alt-soul duo Floetry. And while it's messed up to hell that that group had to part ways — vocalist Marsha Ambrosius is currently making sweet, sweet music via R&B mixtapes on Dr. Dre's Aftermath label, dropping her own R&B mixtapes — Stewart is still out there, riffing rhythmically on her own with new material. So why don't you check these two out and make your St. Patrick's Day something it's probably never been — funky?

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