Like North Carolinas Southern Culture on the Skids and fellow Georgians Drive-By Truckers, Atlantas Truckadelic celebrates all thangs redneck. Big rigs, likker, Jesus, bad teeth, and muscle cars all collide in the beer-soaked bands double-wide Xanadu. The cover of its last album, Yall Watch This, encapsulates the bands philosophy in what Georgians would call a pee-con shell. A toothless, Jack Daniels-toting good ol boy, stripped to his yellowing briefs, is about to ski across a pasture pulled by a vintage pickup. Flip the CD over for the devastating aftermath. The group stresses live performance over studio chops, and if the papers in its hometown dont lie, Houstonians can expect to see Truckadelics road out of town paved with the bones of its dead.


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