TSOL singer Jack Grisham is the evil doppelganger of suave Chris Isaak. Both are known for surfing and the accompanying swagger, brawn and good looks. Both have a legacy of fisticuffs. Isaak jabbed inside the boxing ring and has a bum nose to prove it, while Grisham's autobiography is called An American Savage Reformed — he once ran riot like a neighborhood terror. Both also exhibit trenchant wit, leaving stinging welts on your flimsy ego. TSOL was restless and shape-shifting, producing raging agitprop ("Abolish Government") and death-punk macabre ("Code Blue") to joyride soundtracks ("Man and Machine") and poetry with gothic drippings ("Weathered Statues"), expanding punk's umbrella much wider than three chords; few other bands of the era continue to show such resilience and relevance. Last month the band recorded a 30th-anniversary album, available free from www.hurley.com, which TSOL hopes will focus fans' attention on its favorite charities: food banks, missions and a children's foundation.

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