T.S.O.L. are one of the longest-running grandaddies of the SoCal punk scene, forming in 1978 as a straight-ahead hardcore band, then morphing into gothic post-punk and then Guns N' Roses-style sleaze (they were friends with the GN'R tribe) before returning to the tried-and-true punk formula by the '90s and '00s. Now a punk legacy group, T.S.O.L. brings out the old-schoolers and their kids while attracting everyone else worth their first-press 45 Grave records in the neighboring counties. Opening will be like-minded locals Dead to the World, ­Spastic Fit and Crime Wave, whose recent release, Convulsion Gospels, calls for an "Uber-Hipster Holocaust" that could get them in hot water with the Urban Outfitters set.


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