TSU Homecoming Concert, featuring Tyrese, Mya and Murphy Lee

Hey, it's homecoming week at Texas Southern University. So that means there will be lot of festivities and fun stuff that, um, will probably happen, um, during that time when the football team plays, um, the other football team and then"Who the hell are we kidding? In all likelihood, many of the people who will visit the historic black college this Saturday will be there to attend not the homecoming parade but the homecoming concert, which will cap off the week later that night. And who can pass up a bill that includes Tyrese, with his sexy ass, Mya, with her sexy ass, and the St. Lunatics' Murphy Lee, with his"rich St. Louis accent? So even if you have no clue who TSU is playing at the Reliant Astrodome this Saturday (it's Alcorn), it doesn't mean you're not welcome to go to the show. But be advised that it's best to keep your ignorance to yourself -- that is, unless you want your ass kicked by a bunch of crazed Tiger fans.


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