Two Cow Garage

When Two Cow Garage burst out of the unlikely burg of Columbus, Ohio, onto the alt-country scene with 2002's Please Turn the Gas Back On, we have to admit we didn't expect these young Midwesterners to last long with a name like that. They were young, they were passionate, they were pretty darned good, and obviously foolish when it came to naming bands or picking album titles. Yet here they are in 2010, all grown up (so to speak), still out there crossing America in a van and playing with possibly even more passion than they displayed when they first sallied forth to see what America would think of their Nirvana-meets-Neil Young sound. With four albums under their belts and a million miles of touring, Two Cow Garage now seems almost as enduring as Wilco or Son Volt, although they've never met with that kind of commercial or pop-culture success. With these guys, it's as much about the live show as it is the albums — or more — so be there.


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