Two Gallants

Two Gallants, the folk-rock duo made up of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel, are back with The Bloom and the Blight, their first new set of material since their 2007 self-titled release. Lead singer Stephens was in a van accident in 2010 that sidelined him for a while. The ten-track Blight doesn't waste any time off the starting gun, showing off some of the loudest howls and guitars ("Winter's Youth") you may have heard from the Gallants in years. The time off seems to have recharged the band's vitriol. Stephens ratchets up his Bob Mould-style yelp on Blight, with shades of Local H spread throughout. We all know by now that the decade-old Gallants have a strange history with Houston (right, Houston Police Department?), so let's show these San Francisco guys a good time. Blight is worth it.


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