Usher's Security Don't Take No Mess

Usher's Security Don't Take No Mess

I really wanted to hang out after taking pictures and catch the set and maybe write a review of some sort. Usher came out to unbridled squeals and hoots and danced with some new-age flappers, launching into "Love In This Club." "Ursher" almost ran into my camera going down one of the ramps that were constructed for him to walk into the crowd with. I did get to hear "Trading Places,", which is about the woman picking up the man, buying him food, and doing everything we guys are supposed to do - hilarious, but pure science fiction.

But staying for the duration of the show wasn't in the cards after all. One of Usher's security guys sort of slapped down my little Cybershot as I was trying to catch one last snap. It didn't break, but I did found out that there was no re-entry upon leaving. Meaning that my camera, man-purse and I were back on the streets of Houston at a dangerously early hour. Eh, at least Ruchi's is open 24 hours. - Craig Hlavaty

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