V-Zilla, Shunned By HPMAs, Has A Lot To "Talk About"

The monster's been quiet. We haven't heard from V-Zilla in a good while, but the other day when the HPMA ballots hit the streets, we got an interesting text message. It was from Zilla.

"There should be a "Best Lyricist category."

Yeah, we won't argue. And if someone were to say that V-Zilla would be a front-runner for that category, again, we wouldn't argue.

Zilla didn't make this year's HPMA ballot, and Rocks Off was pretty surprised by that, but like they say, "there's always next year." [Ed. Note: Indeed.]

Zilla released the above video for "Let's Talk About" late last week. It was recorded in his dungeon, a studio underneath Toc Bar.

V-Zilla, Shunned By HPMAs, Has A Lot To "Talk About"

A couple of interesting observations:

  • Zilla plays the drums. Dude has a musical arsenal. Rapping and twirling the drumsticks. We always like to see a rapper display a skill-set that doesn't necessarily fall in line with what people may think of hip-hop.
  • He sports a Yankees fitted, not an Astros fitted. We've always felt Zilla sounded more New York than Houston. He's not hiding it. We like to run music by our New York peeps all the time. Our boy Jason Llorenz from Red Hook, Brooklyn, wrote us, "Hell yeah, this is hot shit. He's got some Jay-Z and some Talib Kweli in his flow."

We told you. More New York than Houston. When it comes to hip-hop and improving the image and reputation of our city's music scene and what we have to offer to hip-hop, that's not always a bad thing.

According to V-Zilla's MySpace page, he's dropping a mixtape pretty soon. Godzilla had some good sequels too, so we look forward to that.

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