Van Halen

Van Halen's first new set of material in 14 years, A Different Kind of Truth, is better than it should be. The guys could have slacked off on this and coasted on their legend — however tarnished it may be in the eyes of fair-weather fans — but Truth is no cash-in lightweight or mere excuse to sell merch and concert tickets. Whether or not this translates into harmony both live and behind the scenes remains to be sussed out; according to insiders, this current tour has been fraught with strife, with familiar wounds opening between the Van Halen family and lead singer David Lee Roth. Until we actually see the guys come to blows in the media or onstage, though, we'll chalk that up to textbook rumormongering. And yes, the Kool & the Gang is opening, but don't laugh, just check out their list of hits. You bet your ass it will be shaking.


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