If this were 1972, Michigan's David Vandervelde would be at Max's Kansas City drinking with Bob Dylan and sitting side-stage at New York Dolls gigs with a groupie under each arm. At first glance, you would think Vandervelde to be a dour one-man singer-songwriter act, but the artist loads his singles up with enough power-pop oomph to sate glitter kids and rockers. He's been called a one-man Flaming Lips, the ghost of Marc Bolan, and Ryan Adams' long-lost brother since he started making waves with 2007's "Nothin' No" single. Before he died, ex-Wilco member Jay Bennett had shacked up creatively with Vandervelde on various projects here and there. To be honest, Vandervelde reminds us a lot of the late, beloved Jay Reatard in his recording and performance style, though Reatard was way more destructive. Vandervelde's latest single, "More Than You Can Feel," brings to mind Adams' own manic drug-fueled full-band period as well. In not so many words, make time for this show on Saturday night.


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