Vanilla Ice

Isn't it fun to talk about Vanilla Ice? Even if you have no interest in the man whatsoever, even if you haven't listened to anything he's done musically since "Ice Ice Baby," even if you have no intention to see him perform live, even if the only time you ever found the dude remotely cool was when you saw him cavorting around with Madonna in that Sex book ten years ago, it's still fun to talk about him. Why? Because after all these years, the man has never stopped embarrassing himself. You'd think with all the disgrace he received at the height of his fame, he would try his damnedest to make himself reputable again -- but no such luck. Whether it's admitting he was the first to feel Suge Knight's fury on Primetime Live, denying he had any involvement in the manipulation of his own image on his legendary Behind the Music installment, or getting his ass kicked by Todd Bridges on Celebrity Boxing, the man never disappoints.

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