Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse is a band rooted in Houston's storied punk scene, and tales of Nicki Sicki's music career still echo up almost three decades after Verbal Abuse began. It all began when Sicki replaced Norman Cooper in Legionnaire's Disease, which wasn't hard since Cooper didn't even have an amp to plug into, according to Houston's punk rock elder statesman Christian Kidd, né Arnheiter of the Hates. From there Sicki went on to rabble rouse in Verbal Abuse, whose shows attracted police presence as often as they drove audiences shrieking from the venues under the lash of Sicki's tongue. VA achieved some success after moving the band to San Francisco and received some notoriety when Slayer recorded four of their songs on a tribute album in the '90s. The monetary gain from that was particularly helpful to Sicki, who had spent some time away from music in jail on drug charges. The band is as electric as ever, and it's good to have Sicki back home, even if he is one of the reasons we can't have nice things.


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